Florida Retirement Is Murder

A Cozy Mystery by Kris Courtney

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Florida Retirement Is Murder is a gripping cozy mystery by Kris Courtney. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Florida, this book blends comedy and mystery seamlessly. Join the protagonist in unraveling the unexpected and humorous twists that await!


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  • "A delightful read that kept me on the edge of my seat!"
  • "Hilarious and intriguing - the perfect combination!"
  • "The protagonist is incredibly relatable and the plot twists are brilliant."

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Florida Retirement Is Murder

Free Excerpt - Chapter 22

Stewart opened the door. Before he left the office, Frazier had one more tidbit to drop on him. 

“Mr. Johnson, I’d appreciate it if you could stay out of trouble,” Frazier spoke with a more deliberate tone. “It does send the wrong message. I can’t stop people from posting videos, but I can step in when it comes to maintaining safety around here for our residents. Even if they see you as some kind of vigilante hero that will not work for us,” Frazier said in a salty tone. He smiled as he stabbed the keypad on the phone with his finger. “I Googled you and you’re not on any social media.” 

“I have nothing to prove to the rest of the world.” 
“From my point of view, I’d say it’s just the opposite."


Award-Winning Cozy Comedy Mystery Book

FLORIDA RETIREMENT IS MURDER - Award-Winning Cozy Comedy Mystery

Dive into a thrilling and humorous adventure set in sunny Florida. Join our witty retirees as they navigate through mysteries and laughter. Winner of the Audiobookreviewers 2023 'BEST Cozy Mystery Team 2023' Don't miss out on this award-winning bestseller!


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