Bestselling Award Winning Cozy Snowbird Comedy Mystery Series available on Ingram Distribution
Award Winning Cozy Snowbird Comedy Mystery

Florida Retirement Is Murder

Florida Retirement Is KraZy  Snowbirds do more than just Flock   "Hilarious Characters" in this Florida Gated Retirement Community of KraZy Snowbirds as the Sophomore release in the Humorous Award-Winning Cozy Snowbird Comedy Mystery Series - Florida Retirement Is Murder   "Stewart Johnson had worked hard his entire life to reach retirement. However, his Golden Years would prove to be more of a challenge than he anticipated after his wife passed away. Seeking to find peace of mind and warmth in Florida, Stewart became surrounded by a tribe of Snowbird residents who took him on a journey of laughter and sleuthing inside a gossip riddled community filled with the humorous dysfunction of overgrown children."   The setting is in Central Florida and the dramatic genre of "Fictional Cozy Comedy Snowbird Mystery Novel" appeals to both young and old. With the more-alike-than-different family ancestry, we all share some of the very same quirks and ability to laugh at ourselves. It is that level of vulnerable exposure inside the mind of senior citizens that we can all relate to with humor. This book will cause the reader to laugh out-loud and relate back to their own memories or current life history, not to mention an entertaining 'Book Club' experience. This colorful story will fit perfectly on every shelf and screen.  Oh, Wake Up, Earl! ©   Learn More:

Florida Retirement Is KraZy

Funny Laugh Out Loud Beach Book Series available on Barnes Noble Ingram Books Amazon - Florida Retirement Is Murder


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Hilarious Senior Dysfunctional Retiree Tribe of Sleuth Characters in Florida Retirement Community - Award Winning AUDIOBOOK "BEST COZY MYSTERY TEAM" 2023
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Hilarious Senior Dysfunctional Retiree Tribe of Sleuth Characters in Florida Retirement Community
Award Winning Best Selling International Author

American Artist & Author
Kris Courtney

Author Highlight & Insight

Overview  "Florida Retirement is Murder" by Kris Courtney is a captivating cozy comedy mystery set in the picturesque and quirky world of a Florida community. This novel invites readers into the lives of snowbird retirees who, instead of enjoying a quiet , find themselves unraveling a murder mystery. The story is rich with humor, intrigue, and a vivid portrayal of life, making it a delightful read for fans of the genre.

Plot Summary
The story is set in Central, Florida, where new Stewart Johnson expects a peaceful . However, the unexpected death of the HOA president throws the community into chaos. Stewart, along with a motley crew of neighbors, takes on the role of amateur sleuths. Their investigation is filled with comedic mishaps and surprising discoveries, as they navigate the complexities of community dynamics and hidden secrets. The novel skillfully combines light-hearted humor with a compelling mystery, keeping readers engaged from start to finish.

Character Highlights
Kris Courtney brings the characters to life with rich detail and endearing quirks in this funny mystery series. The retirees are portrayed with a blend of humor and authenticity, showcasing their zest for life and sharp wits despite their age. Each character adds a unique element to the story, from the nosy neighbor to the eccentric hobbyist, creating a dynamic and entertaining ensemble. The camaraderie and evolving friendships among the characters add depth to the narrative, making the reader feel a part of the community. (Be sure to listen to the Award-Winning Debut Audiobook and get your Pre-Order 'Florida Retirement Is KraZy'

  • If you have ever thought about becoming a Florida Snowbird, you have to read this ! 
  • Florida is for the Birds 
  • This colorful story will fit perfectly on every shelf and screen. 
  • Great Summer Beach ! Laugh Out Loud – Hilarious cast of characters. 
  • Old Age in Florida doesn’t get any better than this! 
  • Laugh all the way to the Beach! 

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Author's Insight Kris Courtney’s background as an artist and author adds a unique perspective to his storytelling. His ability to infuse humor into a mystery plot creates a distinctive and enjoyable reading experience. "  Florida Retirement is Murder" stands out in the cozy mystery genre for its clever writing and engaging plot twists. Courtney’s personal touch and attention to detail make the a heartwarming and amusing journey through the whimsical world of Florida's communities. For more information about Kris Courtney and his works, visit

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Award-Winning Cozy Comedy Mystery Book

FLORIDA RETIREMENT IS MURDER - Award-Winning Cozy Comedy Mystery

Dive into a thrilling and humorous adventure set in sunny Florida. Join our witty retirees as they navigate through mysteries and laughter. Winner of the Audiobookreviewers 2023 'BEST Cozy Mystery Team 2023' Don't miss out on this award-winning bestseller!


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